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JAIHIND ELECTRICALS Started with a scratch in 1991 & now Celebrating its 25th year Anniversary. In last 25 years we have achieved many milestones.

TECHNICAL AREAS OF WORK : Consultation, turnkey contracting and Manufacturing all types of Control Panels.

GEOGRAPHICAL AREAS OF WORK : Multistate, Uptil Now worked in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Uttaranchal, Gujarat, Daman & Vishakhapattanam, Rajasthan, Kolkatta (Singur).

Versatile existence, served all types of Automobile Companies & their ancillaries, forging Industries,
Sugar Industries Distilleries, Chemical Industries, Hospitals, I.T. Parks, Paint Shop Industries,
Food Industries, Domestic Commodities.


• Worked for multinational 100% E.O.U. Companies.
• Worked for Indo – Thailand joint venture company.
Celebrating Successful 25 Years of Unmatched Service !!
Worked for world class projects of International Standard :
• Discotheque Project (with Australian Company)
• Golf Course Project
• Heliport / Airport Project
• Spanish Tents Project
• School Project
• Villas Project (From One Fourth Acre to 2 Acre)
• Fountains Project

• 11 / 22 / 33 KV, Transformer Substations upto 10000 KVA Capacity.
• 11 / 22 / 33 KV, Overhead Line & under Ground Cabling.
• D.G. Set Installations of Various Ratings. Maximum Maultiple Installations At One Place Upto 4500 KVA
• AMF / Auto Synchronising / Auto Load Sharing Panel Installation.
• Supply of Relay Control Panel For 132 / 33 KV, 50 MVA Transformer & Feeder Protections.
• Complete Flame Proof Electrical Installation For Warehouse.
• Complete Electrical & Instrumentation Installation For Hydrogen (H2) Manufacturing Plant.
• Complete Turn-Key Electrical Installation For Sugar Factory – 1250 TCD Expandable To 2500 TCD
• Complete Internal Electrification For 500 Bed Hospital.

There are still lot many installations to come in future, your’s will be one of them